Netgear Orbi AX6000 Setup

Are you looking for a reliable source of information regarding the Netgear Orbi AX6000 setup process? If yes, then this page is the one-stop solution for you. Here, you will learn the installation process of your mesh WiFi system through the Orbi app.

How to Use Set Up Orbi AX6000 Through App?

To install the Orbi mesh WiFi system with the aid of the Orbi application, it is suggested that you download the latest version of the ORBI APP on your mobile phone. Therefore, visit the respective APPLICATION STORE (Google Play Store or App Store) of your mobile phone and download the Orbi app. The app must be downloaded from the trusted source only i.e. it must be brought to you by NETGEAR.

The steps for installing the Netgear Orbi AX6000 through the app as mentioned below. You must know that this mesh system consists of a WiFi router and satellites (1 or 1+). You can employ as many satellites depending on the size and shape of your house.

Note: This is to inform you that these on-screen instructions include syncing of router and satellite, checking the lights flashed by Orbi units, updating the firmware, and connecting to the internet. Stick to those instructions.

How to Access Orbi AX6000 Manually?

Sometimes, the app may crash while setting up the Orbi mesh system. In that case, the user finds himself in a great trouble. But, there’s another way of accessing and setting up the Orbi system. You need to walk through the following steps if you want to complete the Orbi AX6000 setup using the manual approach instead of the mobile application. FYI, you need to use the web address for the same. Follow these steps for Orbi setup manually:

Quick Tip: The default IP address of your Orbi AX6000 WiFi router is You can use it if you cannot access The default username is admin and the default password has the value – password. These values can also be found in the Orbi product manual.

Orbi AX6000 WiFi Router – LED Description

The Orbi router has a Power LED and a Bar LED. The Power LED is located adjacent to the power connecting jack (rear panel). On the other hand, you can easily locate the Router Bar LED on the front. Here is a table disclosing the status of the Orbi router as per the color flashed by its LED:

S. No LED Color Description Workaround
1 Power LED Solid green Orbi AX6000 is on Nothing Needed
Solid amber Router is powering up Wait for some time
Blinking amber Router is resetting Let the router reset
Blinking red Firmware corrupted Reset the router and set it up again
Off Power off Switch on the router to use internet
2 Router Bar LED Pulsing white Syncing in progress Let your Orbi AX6000 and satellite sync
Off Booting done and router is working normally No workaround required
Solid white Router is resetting Wait
Solid magenta No internet Connect router to the modem

How to Update Orbi AX6000 Router Firmware?

Updating the firmware of the Orbi WiFi router helps you keep the home network perfect. In other words, you will not experience delays in the execution of instructions and will also get optimal networking speeds on your client devices.

You can CHECK and UPDATE the FIRMWARE of your AX6000 WiFi router or UPLOAD THE FIRMWARE FILE MANUALLY. To ensure that your router stays updated always, ENABLE AUTOMATIC FIRMWARE UPDATE.

A Word of Caution: After you select UPDATE, do not try to open a new page by clicking a link. The process may get interrupted.

After the firmware update is completed, you are suggested to navigate to the ROUTER INFORMATION pane and ensure that the firmware is updated. Also, DO NOT try to update the firmware of your router and satellite at the same time. Besides, avoid updating two satellites at the same time.

How to Reset the Orbi AX6000 Mesh System?

Is your AX6000 router bugging you? Can’t you complete the router login process? Is your Netgear Orbi satellite flashing purple? No worries! Resetting the mesh system can work in your favor. Jotted down below are the steps that you can use to reset every Orbi unit.

  • Ensure that the Orbi unit is powered up properly and is not sharing a connection with any device.
  • After that, pick up an oil pin or a similar sharp object.
  • Check the rear panel of the Orbi unit and locate the Reset hole.
  • Using the chosen object, press the button present inside the hole.
  • Hold for 20-30 seconds.
  • Your Orbi unit will reset.

This is how you can reset the Orbi AX6000 unit. After that, you can again perform Netgear Orbi setup using the mobile app or the orbi AX6000 login URL. Know that the mesh system has returned to the default settings. Therefore, use default values for the setup process.

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