Orbi AX1800 Setup

Do you want to get your hands on a wireless router that provides you with zero dead zones, gives faster speed to more devices at the same time, and works with all internet providers? Yes? Well then, you should opt for the Netgear Orbi AX1800 wireless router and execute its setup. To gain an understanding of how the Orbi AX1800 setup process can be carried forward, you ought to go through the detailed procedure given on this page.

Orbi AX1800 Overview


The following section has displayed and described the hardware features of your Netgear Orbi AX1800 wireless router. They will help you to understand your device better.

  • Bar LED
  • Sync button, can also be used for the WPS connection
  • WAN Gigabit Ethernet port for internet connection
  • LAN Gigabit Ethernet ports 1-3, Ports 1 and 2 support link aggregation
  • Power LED
  • DC power connector
  • Reset button

LED Lights

You ought to know that when you attempt to sync the Netgear Orbi AX1800 router to the satellite, the behavior of the LED on the router will be different from the Orbi satellite.

Power LED Solid Green: Your device is getting power.Solid Amber: The AX1800 is booting.

Blinking Amber: The router or satellite is resetting.

Blinking Red: The firmware of the device got corrupted.

OFF: There is no power.

Satellite Bar LED Pulsing White: The satellite is booting.Blue [3 Minutes]: The router-satellite connection is good.

Amber [3 Minutes]: The satellite-router connection is fair.

Magenta: There is no connection between satellite and router.

OFF: The satellite synced to the Orbi router.

Router Bar LED Pulsing White: Someone pressed the Sync button.Solid White: The AX1800 router is getting reset.

Solid Magenta: There is no connection between router and WiFi.

OFF: The Orbi router is working normally.

What is the Procedure to Execute Orbi AX1800 Setup?

Prior to reading these steps, see to it that your mobile device is fully charged, or else, without notifying you of the same, the Orbi AX1800 setup process will get interrupted.

Access orbi-app.com, download as well as launch the Netgear Orbi app.

How to Restart the Existing Modem?

Locate the modem and tap the Continue button. Unplug the device and again hit the button of the same name. Once done, plug the modem back into the socket and wait for the LED light located on it to stabilize. At last, hit Continue.

In case you prefer using the manual method, i.e. orbilogin.net for the setup, the establishment of connection between the router and modem is required.

How to Connect to the Orbi Network?

Go to the WiFi settings of your mobile device. You can locate the name as per the information given on the label. Enter the network key and hit Connect. Soon your device will have internet or WiFi access.

connect to orbi

At last, relocate the Orbi satellites and place them into their permanent locations in order to wrap up the Netgear Orbi setup process.

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